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Introducing Apache, a twisted traditional.

Chris Newnham:

Chris Newnham:


Reflect: A series of documentaries about life as an artist, a craftsman, an artisan. The conflicts of everyday life, the dreams the process and achievements of some people that decided to live their lives outside conformity, pushing the edges of surviving in a fast living, constantly changing city like London, to create something that didn’t exist before their vision.

Watch the episode: “The Guitar Makers” , starring Tom Pugi and Philippe Dubreuille

Part of the Reflect Series, a short film about a two guitar makers, Mr Tom Pugi and Mr Philippe Dubreuille, both artists, masters in their craft, but their relationship as friends and as a mentor and student form the core of this film. Thank you to the both of them for participating in this film. Mr Tom Pugi W: https://www.tpcustomsguitars.com I: @t.p.customsguitars_london Mr Philippe Dubreuille W: www.dubreuille-guitar.com Produced by LeglessInc Media W: www.leglessinc.com I: @leglessinc Songs: Mr.Big - Free Drugs- EDEN Beat the Devil's Tattoo - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Stuck in the South - Adia Victoria
Lauran Hibberd

Lauran Hibberd

T.P.Customs Guitars it's a modern concept with vintage inspiration. Instruments traditionally hand made selecting finest tone woods, best quality pickups and hardware in the market, to create guitars that feel right, play great, and look timeless.

Chris Newnham