Apache: Part of being a luthier is to yes, create something different that one cannot find on a standard guitar, but yet to pay tribute and remain within the parameters that have been set in history by our predecessors. Apache is the new design i’m introducing to the crowd, it’s a guitar that you all been familiar with it’s a shape that changed and set stone to how a solid body instrument is and will be for good. I’ve taken inspiration by the first design of masters Leo and George, and I made my own vision applied to it. The templates have been designed and cut by hand, completely by me, I’ve selected woods that I decided would sound great with the combination of pickups I had in mind, stepping out the conservative mindset, this doesn’t mean can’t be done the traditional way, this is the first of many to come. this is Apache, a tribute to the original “spanish electric guitar”, email me through the contact page if you’re interested on pre-order, to find out pricing and custom specs.

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The Skeezer: Lauran Hibberd is a young solo artist, guitar player, singer, and song writer. Her colorful music bring you back to those better sunny days at the skate park back in the happy 90’s, without leaving behind those heavy tones and fuzzy guitar riffs with plenty of mids, creative and complex melodies with so much energy and the coolest sassy stage presence you’d expect by listening to her music. She is known to play a really cool 70’s Fender Mustang, Lake Placid blue with racing stripes, short scale and smaller body, makes it a perfect guitar for her, the vibrato tailpiece is pretty much there for the look, as she don’t use it. So we designed together a guitar, inspired by her workhorse, with not just improvements for a more tuning and intonation stability, but with her visions, i made an instrument that would have the same feel, same neck profile, similar body shape and size, with that 80’s/early 90’s skateboard scene inspired look, she wanted it candy purple, but i added a patina and weather checking to it to make it look like this guitar existed many years ago already. When it was done i said to her, imagine you found this guitar on the wall of an old skateboard store that closed down in the 90’s, what would you named it?


That Old Douglas Fir: Pine has always been the wood I just couldn't trust enough to use for my builds, maybe to soft, maybe too light, some builders have been using it and talk great things about it, Leo Fender, made his first prototype in the early 50's and then dropped it, with the advent of boutique makers pine surfaced the market again in the last couple of years,and I've seen some very cool builds done with it, the knots, the imperfections of it, I like it, just didn't trust it enough. Few weeks ago I found through a friend, a batch of 150 years old pine, salvaged from a very old Victorian building , along with my skepticism I began working it. This pine has a great density, it's not too light and rings like crazy when tapped, I don't know too much about pine, but all I know is that I do trust this particular old pine to delivery some great sounding instruments!

I will be making a limited run of 5 guitars with it, very versatile beautiful sounding with all the vintage vibe that this wood can deliver. 


Write to me directly using the form on the contact page to find out prices and discuss custom options if you're interested to build a unique tone machine with this great wood, my ideas or yours, we build it together.



Let's start from the trees, we do a meticulous selection of the woods, to ensure the best tonal qualities, enjoying the figures and the defects of its nature. Let the grain dictate the result of the finish instrument, this way, every guitar carries details that are unique, making the instrument one of a kind.

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