Passionate about historical finishing techniques, developing my own mixes to replicate age correct colors and patinas, i’m fully committed to refinish your instrument, and why not customize to any creative vision that is in your head. Nitrocellulose thin finishes, ageing applied to correct requests, glossy finishes, modern or vintage i accept the challenge! Using great quality screen printed logos, finely reproducing the originals. Upgrading wiring, pickups or hardware to the best available on the market.

We all have that guitar sitting in a case that never really made it to the rig, why not bring it to me, we can make it the coolest instrument you own!


Disclaimer: The guitars shown on this page are not built by T.P.Customs, these are client’s owned instruments and official products to their own brands, therefore, there is not affiliation between T.P.Customs and any of the brands as shown on their headstocks. The sole purpose of exposing these instruments, is to show the restoration, customization and refinish which is been done in house upon request of the clients.